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It's October first.  October.  However did you get here?  It isn't that I am sad to see you ... noooo ... far from that.  It is just I think I am surprised is all.  Wasn't it just April?

I guess I should have been a little more attuned to your arrival,  signs and signals here and there.  The scent in the air has been so much more crisp - lightly riddled with smoke and damp and decay.  The leaves have been skittering their way across the streets, like little mice in a never ending game of chase - with the ever-willing wind always deemed as "it".   The sound on the sidewalk has changed from a constant rhythmic thumping to a staccato crunch crunch crunchity crunch as leaves  are exuberantly trampled upon.  Darkness is greeting us each evening earlier and earlier still. The talk in our home has increasingly, heatedly, magically been swirling around  dreams of apple picking,  pumpkin hunting,  costume making.

October, you snuck up on me.  I wasn't even expecting you.  What a treat.  Say you'll stay- for a spell ... okay?