An Afternoon Tale of A Bedtime Story

When I was pregnant with Ezra I promised him (and myself) the only thing I would never say no to when he asked for something would be books.  I have held true to my promise.  (I still remember the day I made the tryst - sitting in a Barnes & Noble children's section...belly like a watermelon- delighting in the huge pile of beautiful books I was buying for my little yet-to-be-born boy.)  We have amassed a massive collection of tales. Most of them are treasures- well worn stories that have been read from cover to cover so many times they are now coverless, dogeared and lovingly damaged.  It comes as no surprise to me that each of the children love to read (well, Ezra loves to read...Avery & Iris love to think they are reading...) and be read to.  This past fall one of my favorite artists released her second book- and it is a dream.  A beautiful glimpse into the strange and wonderful world of Emily Winfield Martin. 

Emily Martin 5.jpeg
Emily Martin 2.jpg

I have never met Emily- but as you know I am such a huge huge huge fan of her work- when I saw this book sitting on the "Books Every Child Should Own" display at Barnes & Noble I felt this huge rush of pride come over me, as if we were best of friends.

Emily Martin.jpg

I sat down (on a kids chair of course!) in the store and devoured it.  Longed to jump into its pages.  Dreamt of what my animal would be, and where we would go.  Loved it instantly. 

Emily Martin 4.jpg
Emily Martin 3.jpg

The tales in which a friend (furred, finned or feathered) takes you to your very own dream adventure.  We have had many discussions on which animal comes for each of us as we drift off to sleep- where we go- who we visit- and maybe, sometimes is it okay if I can come too?  It is a story that makes up so many more stories and dares children to dream up ones of their own.  The book was a gift for Iris, and maybe one day she will love it, but perhaps Santa should have known better and given it to me (!) or given it to its proper owner; my strange, wonderful, imaginative not-so-little Ezra.  A promise that is still being (and will always be) fulfilled.

The book is available EVERYWHERE (as it should be!) ...but is available as a signed copy in Emily's Etsy store- The Black Apple