Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder? (Man, I Hope!)

Hi. Its me. Remember? We go back you and I.  Way, way back.  I know, I know- its been quite a while- but like the best kind of old friends, I hope we can pick up our conversation again, just like we never even stopped talking.  (I promise to fill in some of the blanks soon.)

A new look!  A new space!  Baby got a face-lift!  (She was sagging in some really unmentionable places, let me tell you....)

I couldn't decide when to start writing again once I finished working on the new site... Christmas- as a present to myself?  Nope. New Years?  Nope.  (So much for that resolution.) Chinese New Year?  Nope. (I came really close though!)  Ah, I have it! The auspicious day of February 5th!  Just jump in, feet first.  Start typing.  Start talking.  And here we are again, you and me.  Hi. I have a pot of coffee- would you like some?  I've missed you ever so much.  That much certainly needs to be said today. 

Okay, the real reason I chose today- I was asked to participate in a photo-shoot back in December, and it was just featured on Burnett's Boards.  (I know, wheeeeeeeee!) Please, go over and take a look- but I saved some of my favorite pictures just for you.  

Its so, so good to see you. 

Sparkles and Chalk-Heartily Wed Styled Shoot-0046.jpg
Sparkles and Chalk-Heartily Wed Styled Shoot-0020.jpg
Sparkles and Chalk-Heartily Wed Styled Shoot-0033.jpg
Sparkles and Chalk-Heartily Wed Styled Shoot-0050.jpg
Sparkles and Chalk-Heartily Wed Styled Shoot-0075.jpg
Sparkles and Chalk-Heartily Wed Styled Shoot-0061.jpg
Sparkles and Chalk-Heartily Wed Styled Shoot-0150.jpg
Sparkles and Chalk-Heartily Wed Styled Shoot-0148.jpg

Thank you to all of the amazingly talented vendors that made this happen! 

Organized by: Ari Krzyek of Heartily Wed, Beautiful bridal gown: Dame Couture, Furniture & Rentals: Shadow Box Dreams, Chalkboard Art: Coach House Craft, Paper flowers & Decor: Lil Epic Event Design,  Invitation Suite:  Chykalophia, Cake: Elysia Root Cakes, Make-up: Leesi B Hair: Cristina Hotca Venue: The Keith House BEAUTIFULLY photographed by: Caili Helsper PhotographyTuan H. Bui Models: the beautiful Evelyn Smesh & her sweet man William O'Connor, Flowers...well, they are from me.