Knock Knock...its May Day

Lets set the scene.  The place:  JB Nelson elementary school, Mrs. Werneke's first grade class.  The date: May the first.  The year: well, we don't really need to go into that much detail, do we?  Let us just say, it was a while ago. The plan: to secretly deliver May Day surprises.  We, as a collective class had been plotting and planning and pasting pretty paper into handled cones that would be filled to the brim with popcorn and candy for distribution. We crafted multiple multicolored cones- it was our version of the traditional May Day basket.  The recipients:  Office secretaries.  Kindergarteners.  Other first graders.  Second graders.  If we were feeling really benevolent, possibly the third or fourth graders. Not the fifth or six graders.  After creating our cones and filling them generously with our treats (Mrs. Werneke even brought in her new air-popper for fresh popcorn!) we would sneak far from stealthily down the hallways- one classroom at a time- to hang our gift on the doorknob of the chosen classroom and knock loudly. Then, without waiting for the door to open- (May Day gifts are supposed to come from an unknown source!) we made a crazed dash, giggling like mad-men back to our classroom to await orders for the next assignment.  We were professional first grade May Day bombers.  It is a tradition that I still love.  But, you know me... air-popped popcorn and candies have given way to the more traditional May Day offering- flowers.  (But I still am a sucker for a paper cone!)

May Day.jpg
May Day 3.jpg

Not so secretively, the boys brought their teachers May Day cones.  But if you should hear some giggling and footsteps at by your front door- it could, just maybe be me & Iris leaving you a little May Day treat. 

Its those little things that have stuck with me.  (Thanks Mrs. Werneke!) Happy May Day!