Liz, Joe, Style Me Pretty & Me! (Wheeeeeeee!)

I received an email this week while it was stormy and cloudy out.  An email from a wedding planner I worked with last year on the sweeeeetest little wedding saying that it was going to be published on Style Me Pretty today.  Whaaat?  (I didn't know they had put it in for submission.) The rain stopped, the clouds parted, the sun started to shine and birds started to sing!  Okay- it still was storming outside, but here inside the house of Blue, it was all sunshine. 

I met Liz & Joe (Mr. and Mrs. Bankmann if you please) while I was installing a wedding that they were shooting- they are photographers!  I knew immediately that they were both...special.  Good ju-ju, kindred spirits and all.  Fast forward a year later and I am the florist for their wedding.  (At Blumen Gardens, one of my favorite places evah!!!!)

Liz hand-crafted so many amazing, beautiful elements for the day.  When I went over to their studio to pick up the million or so jars & bottles Liz had painted-that I was filling with flowers, it looked like a craft store had exploded and  had a major MAJOR party in their place.  I was in awe of all of the big & small details she had created.  The result, I think- amazing. 

Flower-wise, the day was FILLED with the best that June has to offer- peonies, sweet-peas, garden roses, mock orange, Queen Ann's lace ...sigh!

Fast forward a year- which is now (yes it is almost their first anniversary!!!) and here is their sweet sweet day on Style Me Pretty!  Thank you so much Liz & Joe for letting me be a part of your happiness! Thank you Style Me Pretty for clearing up such a cloudy day.  You can see the full post right here

All photos above by Allison Williams Photography