A Dream of a Dream

I did something.  Something that I was so afraid to do...but even more afraid not to do. I entered myself, and my flowers into a - well, not  a contest ... that isn't the right word - but into a dream.  A dream of a dream.  Into a place where a scholarship was being awarded to attend a flower workshop at Floret Flower Farm. (I know, right?!)   I only told Jamie about it.  This was something so special and so dear to my heart, that I was afraid if I told anyone else what I was doing, it might not be real at all,  and that it would never - could never come true.

Becca & the Blooms edit.jpg

And then,  the most amazingly unbelievable thing happened.  I got an email from Erin - from Floret.  To me !  I got an email with the words saying the scholarship was mine.  Mine?  Mine?! ( Oh shit! I really am dreaming! )  When I told Jamie, he totally thought I was talking in my sleep. And ... I don't even know what to say .... I have typed and erased over a dozen sentences now..... I do know this:  I am so honored.  So excited.  So grateful. So humbled.  I promise to be worthy of the gift Erin has given me. I promise to kiss every single flower in that field.  I promise to take more pictures than we ever thought possible so its like you are there too ...  sharing this dream.