Boys in the Urban Bayou

A ways back now ... I was asked to be a part of a photo shoot with the theme, "The Boys in the Urban Bayou".  I was so excited.  And yesterday it was featured on Wedding Chicks! The idea...swamp-chic.  Odd choice for a wedding theme?  Not in the least.

Now, Rob & Jay (ahem, Sean & Andrew...) are a real couple- and can I tell you, the love that share for each other - and that their friends who we invited as guests share with them, for them, EVERYONE could feel the excitement.  The joy.  So much love.  It was palpable.  

bayou shoot 27.jpg

What would any wedding reception be without a band to dance to?  We had the band Gussied play (for all of us!) and they were perfect.  Twirling hankies and all!

And dessert? Oh yeahhhhh.  There was dessert.  (Crocqembouche! Cookies! Caramels! Heaven!)

It was a truly special day.  I was so honored to be a part of it.  One last little detail - Amelia Street Studio- the beauties & the brains behind this little love child put together this video to celebrate the day.  To celebrate love. 

A Huge thank you to all of the vendors who invited me to come along...and who made this day so much fun!   Amelia Street Studio, A Splendid Occasion, Matushek Photography, Gussied, Caroline Magnuson Sweets,  Marthette Vintage RentalVintage Place Settings, Prestige Wedding Decoration,   Nika Vaughan Bridal Artists, Officiant  Kate Miller and a special thank you to Jeffrey Epstein of The Chicago Portfolio School the loft space was perfect.