Randomness With a Dash of Movie

 In "You've Got Mail" Meg Ryan tells Tom Hanks she thinks daisies are the friendliest flower.  I totally disagree.  I think zinnias are the friendliest flower.  Look at that face.  "Hi."  Not too fussy, not too fancy- probably knows how to have a lot of fun.  Never takes herself too seriously.  Can wear just about any color.  My kind of friend. Flower.  You know. 

Man, I have been working with pink a lot lately - which is odd because it is a color I am rarely friendly with.  Give me green or brown or black any day.  Dark colors...saturated colors.  Every now and again my girly side comes out- what am I to do?  Embrace it. 

Besides, on an August day that has been hovering around 60 degrees, a little warmth isn't a bad thing.

Garden roses and the sweetest weest little snapdragons, rice flower and stock are in the mix as well as scabiosa and scabiosa pods. 

Speaking of which, aren't those scabiosa delicious?  Whoever named this flower though,  should be slapped.  I mean, really. It sounds like a condition you can't get rid of.  ("Don't tell anyone, but I have scabiosa.")   I was meeting with a wedding planner the other day and we were talking about scabiosa.  And she mentioned that every time she hears scabiosa she thinks of Hermione Granger and "Wingardium Leviosa" so of course we start saying it to each other, back and forth for a spell... (haha) You know like this.  "Scab - eee - oh - sahhhhh"  It's the little things, you know?