If You Build It....

I recently read that, "All authors live in houses other people have built."  This has stuck with me over this last week since I read it. It has popped into my head in the oddest of times- getting the boys lunches ready for school- "All authors live in houses other people have built." wandering through the produce section at our local grocery store- "All authors live in houses other people have built." delivering wedding flowers- "All authors live in houses other people have built." Random. Odd. Then I started thinking about inspiration- and where we draw it from and I don't think that the quote is exclusively true to just authors, but to artists in general.  Or perhaps artistic endeavors in general. These houses, they are words and worlds and images and imaginings (and flowers) and so much more that get a hold of your heart and move you to push forward- to run happily, dizzily, crazily away with something that was planted inside of you- by someone else- and to make it bloom into something else- although (forgive me) its roots were grown somewhere else.  The quote goes on to say that, "They were giants, the men and the women who made the houses we inhabit.  They started with a barren place and they built...always leaving the building unfinished so the people who came by after they were gone could put on another room, [or in the case of the authors...] another story."  Today's house was built by photographer Tim Walker, and man do I love to wander in it. Live in it a bit.  Care to take a tour through some of the rooms he made with me?

Most of these are nature driven- slightly decadent and dreamy and deliciously bizarre-it is a beautiful place to get lost in.  Inspired by. 

Its enough to make you want to build a few more rooms, no?

Quote by my favoritest.

More of Tim Walker's work here