Sarah & James

I knew Sarah was a kindred spirit as soon as we started talking to each other.  Then, I absolutely fell in love with her the moment she spoke the words, "Just do whatever you want to do. I trust you."  The end result was a friendship forged over emails, her meeting the beasties face to face as Avery climbed out of the sunroof of our car to wish her a congratulations, (don't worry, we were parked....) and an intimate affair that reflected Sarah & James and their golden hued wedded bliss.  I am a lucky girl.  A grateful girl.  Here are some pictures from their sweet September wedding.

Sarah 1.jpg
sarah 2.jpg
sarah edit 4.jpg
sarah 17.jpg
sarah 9.jpg
sarah 11.jpg
sarah 16.jpg

(I love love love the picture above!) Images provided by Teresa Dalbera Photography.  (Thank you!)

Monet & Me

I have been o̶b̶s̶e̶s̶s̶i̶n̶g̶  playing with this new app from apple called Waterlogue.  It turns your photographs into watercolor paintings.  Watercolor paintings! Instantly!  For flowers?! Oh yes.  Yes, yes yes. I have been mesmerized watching pictures of my flowers being transformed into something entirely new. (I won't tell you how many I've done or how much time I've spent happily staring into my phone watching the transformations...but I will share a few of my favorites.)  Claude & I will be over at the Tuileries- he with his brushes and me- well, I am the goofball with her phone. 


Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder? (Man, I Hope!)

Hi. Its me. Remember? We go back you and I.  Way, way back.  I know, I know- its been quite a while- but like the best kind of old friends, I hope we can pick up our conversation again, just like we never even stopped talking.  (I promise to fill in some of the blanks soon.)

A new look!  A new space!  Baby got a face-lift!  (She was sagging in some really unmentionable places, let me tell you....)

I couldn't decide when to start writing again once I finished working on the new site... Christmas- as a present to myself?  Nope. New Years?  Nope.  (So much for that resolution.) Chinese New Year?  Nope. (I came really close though!)  Ah, I have it! The auspicious day of February 5th!  Just jump in, feet first.  Start typing.  Start talking.  And here we are again, you and me.  Hi. I have a pot of coffee- would you like some?  I've missed you ever so much.  That much certainly needs to be said today. 

Okay, the real reason I chose today- I was asked to participate in a photo-shoot back in December, and it was just featured on Burnett's Boards.  (I know, wheeeeeeeee!) Please, go over and take a look- but I saved some of my favorite pictures just for you.  

Its so, so good to see you. 

Sparkles and Chalk-Heartily Wed Styled Shoot-0046.jpg
Sparkles and Chalk-Heartily Wed Styled Shoot-0020.jpg
Sparkles and Chalk-Heartily Wed Styled Shoot-0033.jpg
Sparkles and Chalk-Heartily Wed Styled Shoot-0050.jpg
Sparkles and Chalk-Heartily Wed Styled Shoot-0075.jpg
Sparkles and Chalk-Heartily Wed Styled Shoot-0061.jpg
Sparkles and Chalk-Heartily Wed Styled Shoot-0150.jpg
Sparkles and Chalk-Heartily Wed Styled Shoot-0148.jpg

Thank you to all of the amazingly talented vendors that made this happen! 

Organized by: Ari Krzyek of Heartily Wed, Beautiful bridal gown: Dame Couture, Furniture & Rentals: Shadow Box Dreams, Chalkboard Art: Coach House Craft, Paper flowers & Decor: Lil Epic Event Design,  Invitation Suite:  Chykalophia, Cake: Elysia Root Cakes, Make-up: Leesi B Hair: Cristina Hotca Venue: The Keith House BEAUTIFULLY photographed by: Caili Helsper PhotographyTuan H. Bui Models: the beautiful Evelyn Smesh & her sweet man William O'Connor, Flowers...well, they are from me.