Hey, Hi! My name is Becca Blue...and I love flowers.  I have always had a small (well, okay- maybe not so small!) mad love affair with them.  Flowers are what make my heart skip a beat...and definitely beat faster. 

I am a bit of a one woman show here in Chicago, but a one woman show that has created big blow out weddings for as many as 400 people, and deliciously intimate ones for as few as 25. No matter how big or how small your event,  I love to focus on the flowery details...all of those little bits that make up the really big moments.  I work with as many local flowers (including the ones that I grow when it isn't freezing!) as possible and really let Mother Nature pick out the best and most beautiful blooms she has to offer each season.  I want you to love your flowers as much as I do. 

You could trace my business origins back to my childhood, as I spent most of my time outdoors- daydreaming in trees, digging around my parents and grandparents gardens or poking about in the local woods looking for nymphs and dryads. Somewhere amidst the haze of pretend worlds,  and my timed punishments of weeding (true story!) I found myself learning about nature's textures, shapes and colors and how they all blend beautifully and wonderfully together. Nature has always been a constant companion in my life- it seems floral design came about organically.  Flowers truly are such a huge part of my heart, I would love the opportunity to make them a part of yours.